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Business Facilitators will professionally present your business to qualified buyers emphasizing the ....    #


Whether you are selling or buying a business, Business Facilitators will make it easier for you. We are committed to personally helping each client .... to ensure a successsfully structured and professionally executed transaction experience.

When you decide to engage Business Facilitators you will be dealing directly with the Owner-Broker of the Company during the entire transaction process, who has over 15 years of extensive hands on experience in Business Brokerage sales across multiple industries.

-Ross P. Bird: President and Owner



Why Choose Business Facilitators to Sell Your BusinessWHY CHOOSE BUSINESS FACILITATORS TO SELL YOUR BUSINESS?

WE ARE .... a hands-on business broker.... with an established track record and extensive practical knowledge, facilitating a diversity of business sales transactions for privately owned companies.

OUR GOAL .... is to personally help each client get off to the right start towards selling their business .... and to engage our professional experience and guidance throughout every aspect of the transaction.

WE WILL .... professionally present your business to our extensive list of prospective buyers .... emphasizing the distinctiveness, value and potential of your company.

OUR COMMITMENT .... towards exceptional performance means .... faster and better results for both Seller and Buyer.

Sellers! Call or Contact Us Today for a Complimentary "Confidential Consultation on How We Can Prepare Your Company For Sale. Including a Targeted Marketing Plan, Confirming the Fair Market Value of Your Business, and Formulating Transaction Terms and Seller Financing Options.


Business Facilitators was founded on the basis of helping small and moderate size business owners sell their businesses to individual buyers, private investors or merge their company with other firms....

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Selling businesses in minneapolis and st. paul

We offer Sellers
the advantage to consult with us in advance on the advisability of a sale and current marketability of your business.

Learn more about our business broker services.

Business businesses in Minneapolis and St. Paul

Buyers looking for a business for sale are encouraged to contact us regarding businesses we are currently marketing or hire us to locate and negotiate the purchase of a specific type of business you are interested in.

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