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Buyer Searches

Business Facilitators will professionally present your business to qualified buyers emphasizing the value, quality, and growth potential of your company.


A relevant profile of your business is essential for buyers to review when we conduct buyer searches and make personal contacts. We will prepare a blind profile that includes: type of business, approximate location, brief business history, a summary of business operations, physical assets, markets served, unique characteristics, marketing strengths, growth opportunities, competition, financial highlights, and asking price/terms. It also includes information on existing building lease and renewal options and provide a complete description and price for real property if it is part of the sale.


Signed confidentiality agreements and personal interviews with qualified buyers shall be completed prior to providing company name, specific location, details on operations, and summary of financial performance.


Three Types of Buyers

Synergistic Strategic Buyer

Not a direct competitor. The acquisition of your company will complement their industry-related growth objectives.


Competitive Strategic Buyer

This is a competing company looking to take out a competitor. Seller needs to be cautious and not provide too much information too soon.


Visionary Strategic Buyer

This would be individual entrepreneur or company that is not in your industry but wants to be. They perceive that your industry and services offer the potential for growth.