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Buying a Business

Business Facilitators will personally help you get off to the right start towards acquiring a privately owned business.

Our professional experience, market knowledge, and added value services will get you started towards reaching your goal of purchasing a profitable existing business. We will help you make that strategic acquisition to move your company into different products, services, and new marketing opportunities.


Why engage Business Facilitators to help you acquire a business?

WE WILL maintain strict confidentiality and save you time in the search for suitable candidates who meet your specific acquisition criteria and goals.


WE WILL contact targeted companies, determine their interest in selling, and complete a preliminary evaluation of their business operations.


WE WILL confirm the sell/buy opportunity and immediately arrange a meeting with both parties.


WE WILL keep the acquisition process active by providing hands-on consultation to ensure that discussions move forward, that the structure of buyer and seller terms and conditions and goals are met, and that closing of the transaction is completed on time.


Why Buy An Existing Business?

  • The failure rate on a new start-up business is twice as high compared to buying and operating an existing, established business.
  • Existing businesses offer a turnkey process with the business model, operating systems, equipment, and experienced staff in place.
  • An established business will have an accessible customer base, providing immediate revenue and cash flow to the new owner.
  • A high-quality existing business with a good track record will be able to qualify for immediate financing from local lenders plus terms from the seller. 


Identifying and acquiring a business takes considerable time and several weeks of research and investigations on targeted companies. Business Facilitators will make it easier for our clients by using our personal hands-on acquisition search process and transaction experience to find the best strategic fit that meets your goals, allowing you to focus on managing your current business operations.