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The Seven Steps We Use to Sell Your Business

  1. Meet with the owner to discuss marketability of business. Obtain information on company operations, financial performance, markets served, industry competition, and owner's exit strategy goals.

  2. Prepare a current fair market business valuation on the real property and tangible and intangible assets using our proprietary key value driver matrix format; establish offering price range.

  3. Prepare a business summary profile, marketing plan, and target advertising plan. Utilize our exclusive database to personally contact potential buyers.

  4. Interview interested prospective buyers, their business background, financing plans and acquisition requirements. All buyers must sign a confidentiality agreement.

  5. Review company’s operations and performance history with serious buyers. Schedule meeting with seller and buyer to discuss the reason for selling, offering price, industry outlook, employee organization, customer diversity, IT operating systems, business real property, and physical assets.

  6. Evaluate offers, negotiate deal structure, purchase terms, and recommend a course of action. Prepare letter of intent and coordinate due diligence investigations with seller and buyer.

  7. Finalize pre-closing details; coordinate closing date with advisors and title company for execution of documents and agreements. Verify with advisors that all terms and conditions have been met to transfer the legal title of business assets and real property from seller to buyer.